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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
again, using the right tool for the job helps. using only a backpack blower is how a high school kid or home owner might do a fall clean, infact i did clean ups with just a backpack blower back when i was in HIGH SCHOOL and 16. you can have the most powerful, heaviest, loudest, most expensive backpack blower out there and you are not gonna get a clean done any better then someone like me who has the right tools to do a clean up. each tool has its purpose, and like i said before back packs are for blowing out beds, corners, under trees anywhere a ground blower can't get. and if you use it for that, then a stihl br600 while it may not blow the highest cfm it isn't far behind, and they are so close it doesn't even matter. after doing clean ups for 7 years, I just want the lightest commercial grade backpack, and i think stihl has it covered with the br600. i'm probably going to pick one up tomorrow morning. i have the husky 180bt, no complaints except it weighs 29lbs vs. 21 like the br600. the husky even holds more fuel, but now that i have the right tools for the job, all of my clean ups are done in under 2hrs, but the husky is pretty bad on fuel and i've heard the br600's are much more fuel efficient anyways. i'll find out tomorrow.
eh I'll stick to using the backpack for beds with leaves, sidewalks and driveways for grass and leaves AND I'll even blow leaves from one end of the yard to the other then load them in my trailer m

rarely does anyone in my neck of the woods mess with walkbehind blowers or anything else.

doesn't matter how you do it, just that you do it and get paid what you wanted for it.
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