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I used a Bobcat mini x to fill in a coi pond at my own house. it was a mess, overgrown etc, when I bought the place. two years later i finally got around to it. only problem was I had to borrow a larger deck over trailer to get it home from the rental place, but it had a blown wheel bearing. So I had to use my single axle lawn mowing rig. That stuck me with the mini mini mini ex. seemed to have ample power, but I woulda liked more of course. It did the job pretty easily, just took a while. This coi pond was huge by the way. Took me about 10 hours over 2 days to get it done. A friend of mine has a small, but very successful excavation company. He told me once "a baby ex will do everything a big one will do, it'll just take longer and can't go as deep" he told me his wife says the same thing about him.....get it?
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