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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I don't know what the OP plans on hauling, but have you ever hit fiberglass with gravel or rock? It usually doesn't end well. Mine are 2x12 pressure treated with angle iron, flat stock and 5/16 carriage bolts, and their over 6 years old.
Fiberglass was the wrong word to use, should of said "some kind of composite material." Mainly haul grass/leaves & mulch. My truck is only 3/4 ton with EZ Dumper, so if I did haul rocks/gravel, it would be very small amount, probably not even enough to reach the hight of side boards.

Looks like I'm just gonna put my 2X12 & 2X10 boards on the EZ Dumper from my bed before the insert, with probably adding another 2X12.
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