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Originally Posted by redcabo7 View Post
My 60 days $$$ in my hand came and went on 10/30. Waiting to hear back from the lawyer but have not discussed the case with them.

Got a call today from a DuPont rep wanting an arborist to look at the trees again due to my rejection. What do I have to lose. Let's see what they have to say and I'll circle back around to the lawyer on a given date should I need to. The question I am asking myself is "When are they going to give me the next packet?" I'm thinking positive...
I'm sure all of these cases are not handled exactly in the same manner or time frame, but the one rebuttal offer I am aware of was responded to in just over 2 months. Dupont did add the service amount into the offer and allowed the homeowner to use their own removal service. Hoping your offer is directly forth-coming.

As for my own claim, I tried to call Dupont yesterday and found out little has progressed in the past 30 days - still in "final stages". Whoopie!
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