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Anyone lease trucks?

Im thinking of leasing a 2012-13 dodge 3500,4500 or 5500.

I thought that usually lease payments were less then loan payments?
I used an online calculator that said the lease payments would be roughly $1,150 a month for a $53,000 truck with $2,500 down on a 36MO lease.

Im sure there is dozens of variables for how to get the payment figured. Im just trying to get a general idea. As far as what I see I still can't afford the truck with a lease or a loan I was hoping for around $600-700 payment.

Also what kind of mileage do they allow with commercial leases? My wifes honda CRV is killer with only 12,000 miles a year.

My trucks put on an average of 20-25,000 miles a year.

BTW. I did call my dealership & never could get the man in charge of answering my questions on the phone.
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