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[QUOTE=gwb3;4574595]Grvely 150 Pro
Model # 98808
SN 000245
14 hp Kawa FC420v-FS15.

This mower has always ran good - one of my first mowers to buy and a proven warrior. Well seems like last year she started smoking white smoke from muffler, it would get hot and usually burn off and run good untill I needed her again.

I started her last week and she smoked us out of the shop.....

1. had fuel mixed with oil
2. had the oil fuel mix coming out of muffler along with smoke
3. had alot of fuel coming into carb - noticed when pulled chord w air filter off.

So i cleaned the carb up - made sure float was working, changed oil, replaced rings, and every gasket I could. Low and behold upon starting it again last night - she blew smoke and oil again. Don think there was any fuel in oil...but im at a loss for what else it could be. When i relized i did all that for nothing I wasnt able to think clearly anymore

If you guys have any ideas what to check next Im all ears and I would greatly appreciate it. If not thanks for taking the time to read.[/QUOT

How old is the unit? Kawasaki hasn't made the FC 420 engine for quite a while, I thought they went all V-twins a long time ago, at least 8 years ago maybe???
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