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Help!!! Scag Turf Tiger Kawasaki FD661D 22hp won't Start

Good evening all, I have a Scag TT with the 22hp Kawasaki that won't start. Here's where this problem originally started. I was having issues with the connector that comes off the voltage regulator and connects to the stator. The connector off the regulator was bad, and the wires from the connector were in horrible shape, but would charge the battery most of the time when they were in a sweet spot. Fast forward to last week, I was on a client's lawn, and they somehow got moved and now it doesn't charge the battery. So I thought I would buy the harness that the connector is on. It is part of the engine wiring harness. I got that all installed yesterday, and now it will not even start at all. It ran fine the day before. I have blue spark on both cylinders and the harness I replaced is all correctly hooked up. When I try to start it, all it does is pop and backfire out of the carburetor. Please help me.
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