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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Four years, and burned out ....?
Not so much burned out I guess, more like bored. I'm the type of guy that cant sit still. The first few years were fine, with the whole learning curve and all. Now I'm on auto pilot.
Originally Posted by gusbuster View Post
I"ll give you a spin then give you an opinion.

Something that I will always ask somebody.....What kind of health history does your family have..[/i][/size]
Great history.
Originally Posted by gusbuster View Post
Really think real hard about this.....
paid vacations.......gone
paid holidays.......gone
retirement benefits.......gone
health care benefits.....gone and a real pia specially if you have pre-existing conditions.
most of all, even with insurance and even through no fault of you, you can loose EVERYTHING because of a natural disaster or an accident.
As of now these are great perks but I'm worried about what the future holds. I'm sure most people have heard by now that IL is flat broke. Right now its all on the table as possible cuts. I'm lucky and was in the teacher retirement system before they made some big overhauls, another thing for me to consider. If any pension money is available I'll be out with full pension draw at 62. From what I understand I cant draw till that age.

Originally Posted by willretire@40 View Post
Lawn care is good money when you do it on the side of a full time job. Keep the job and cut grass in the evenings and weekend.
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I agree, it's great extra income.
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