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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Many people are surprised when I tell them that I don't even have a design program on my computer. I couldn't open the design software if I had it. I wrestled with that early on, and it would be neat to do that, but its not the best use of my time at the company. Sure I give suggestions and feedback based on my years experience, but I don't do the main design. That's our architects responsibility.

You can't build a business and do everything and you need to decide what you are best at and where you'll be needed most in 5 years. Work towards that.

Attached is a sign that hangs in our shop. It's located in 10 places around here. It's pretty powerful, simple, but makes everyone think what is best for the team. Enjoy.
really? how do you explain solo business. they build a business with one guy doing everything.
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