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TG/CL was the industry leader that we must thank for selling the Idea of Professional Lawn Care and making it what it is today. How ever some where along the Line Corporate greed made them lose track of the real driving force behind any and ever technical business, PEOPLE. With out qualified people all the Fancy Equipment and Advertising can't make a company survive.

Unqualified People starting with salesmen who don't really know the business and under measure Property just so they can sell on low ball price. Next comes the Minimum wage spray tech who becomes delusions because he is on a commission on Under stated over sized properties. He is the company Hoe that worked like a Mule with the promise of a few extra buck if he make a huge quota. I am sorry But with all my year of experience and college education I can do 25 to 30 lawns a day and DO THE RIGHT JOB. How can they expect a New guy fresh off the street to do it.

I am going to make a few people mad when I say IMHO Any Idiot can take care of Blue Grass. But St Augustine is a totally different story. Here in Florida prices are any where from $ 9.00 a thousand for fert & Squirt to $ 20.00 a thousand. Guess who charges $ 9.00 a Thousand. Then add in Lawn Replacements and Chemicals being sold out the back door by under paid help. Do you really have to ask why they are lose Millions each quarter??


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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