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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
paid for the little one...
thanks alot for your help rsk. i also got the 13hp little wonder blower as you reccomended. you have helped me out alot. i appreciate it

no problem, I recommended the 9hp honda little wonder, but I can't imagine a 13hp honda little wonder would be any worse, just more weight to push up hills if you have any. but i got the 9hp vs. the 13hp because no matter how big the motor you are still gonna get to a pile that is too big and you won't be able to move quickly so i just stopped at 9hp which does perfect for 99% of the lawn I do, especially if i bag the leaves starting october 1st. clean ups go quick....I picked up my first br600 today, nice and light, very quiet, i used it in my yard for a min. not really any leaves to blow because i have been bagging my lawn once a week for a month or so. but it seemed to do fine, my older husky is without a doubt more powerful, but the sthil did perfect today, as i only need it blow out beds. the husky is 72cc the stihl is 65cc but its the 8lb weight difference and 3 or 4 decibels quieter that i really like. anyways good luck! have fun with the top handle and 660, I was drooling over one today while i waiting for the sales guy to enter everything in the computer to finalize the sale. i really really want one, but don't have any tree jobs to justify spending 1200 on one with 36" bar yet. I will get a job someday and when that day comes brand new 660 it is. for now my 72cc ms440 with a 28" bar will do the work when i have bigger stuff to cut.
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