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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Whoever was driving had waved at me but by the time I noticed It was too late lol.
Yeah its gonna be hard to decide. I really don't want to do another 3 years of school. My weekly maint schedule isnt as big as I'd like, after the 4th of july & Millville weekends I had 2 days a week (in the field) of work for about 3 weeks and then mid early aug I landed a decent sized install and we started it around the 12th and it went til the 17th. since then, I've been busy since.
My goal is to land enough service accts next yr to pay the bills and then some and full days of maint work mon through tues or wed and fill the remainder of every week with installs and eventually establish a maint crew and then an install crew. It's a long shot, but one year from now I'd like to be buying a house on some land. I'd use the crap I haul out from jobs as fill for jumps lol.
And 5 yrs out I want 1 resi maint crew, 1 comm maint crew and then I work with 2-3 guys on a full time design/install crew and eventually I break off from that and am in the office all day and handling sales and managing my investment portfolio.

I too look forward to class every day. Being at a university was not my style either. It seems like living on campus and that whole experience is for people that like to go to class, chill, study a bit, and party starting Thursday. That is the exact opposite of guys like us that are go getters and want to grow a business as opposed to "chilling in the frat house" hahaha. No one at UND worked, yet they all had money for stuff, didn't make sense. But Don't get me wrong, I like to tip a few back but I think about business and growing it 24/7. I dont stop thinking business unless I'm at the track.

And that's sweet that your that close to those tracks, I'm hoping to hit Meadow Valley this coming weekend. I have a decent amount of clean ups yet. I have some pics from this weekends clean ups. Do you go to Eden Prairie at all? I may have a property for ya. Its too far for me. Most of the time I'm solo except for the installs. I usually have one of my younger brothers or their friends help. Today I had a friend a couple years younger that's in college help me today. The clean ups I did were pretty damn big, average price was about $250.00, imo that's a pretty big job solo, 4-5 hrs on each one.
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I like your plans man, very similar to mine. SWEET meadow pics man, wish I could have made it down there! Looks like it was a great day!! I like that tunnel jump, but the table right after that is my favorite jump there. Clean-ups look awesome too, keep the pics coming. Btw, ill update my thread soon, I've got a bunch of pics and have a new purchase on its way in the next week. Ill see if I can sneak a couple moto pics into mine too! I do cover eden praire and would be happy to take another job if the ppl are still interested, let me know.
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