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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
your right ric i cant remember what the figure was i told you a yr or so ago but i think it ended being in the .25% profit range..

You said you source said the Franchise owner took $ 50,000 a year out of the business that was doing $ 4 million in sales a year. That would be a 1.25% profit margin assuming he didn't take as a Negative from Owner's equity.

When I both went to college and then Taught at the local Community college I had TG/CL techs in Class. Those individuals were using TG/CL to get their CPO and start their own business. Some of the sharper Employee who don't have the means to start their own business will go up the ladder which puts them away from the Customer. But once again having qualified People dealing with the Customer is their Down Fall IMHO.

As far as Equipment goes TG/CL has some of the best. I have a 20 year Cab Over that was a TG/CL truck. The Fert & Squirt part was build with Fiberglass and Stainless Steel. I have had it well over 10 years now and it still runs Great. About the only thing that will kill it is Frame Rust which I try and slow down by treating it with Burnt Motor oil.


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