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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
My friend drives a Beer truck and recommended me to a 11PM -7AM night job Monday - Thursday. It pays from $15HR-$19HR and some nights you have to work 15 hrs loading the trucks up with cases of beer&wine. (Talked to the recruiter today)

I love the 90% of my business but not snow plowing anymore. I am afraid if I leave the plowing part I may end up hurting my business future with my customers. I may have a friend that I will transfer my plowing accounts to and not be threaten with him doing the mowing, mulch, cleanups because he owns a transmission shop.

What hurts me is I have a few customers that would be hurt. I have this one old lady about 95 years old that no one can stand because of her way of dealing with people and her pricing is based from the 1960's. I live about 1/4 mile from her and I don't mind and she is getting bad where she can't really walk. idk what I am trying to say but I need some opinions. I do like snow plowing but not when we get more then 5 inches of snow and the crazy cold hours and the money is like beer money compared to the overhead WHICH MY OVERHEAD IS NOT AS HIGH AS MOST GUYS! The lady asked me but you own a business are you looking at seasonal or full time? I told her that I am getting out of the plowing business and if I like this job I will sell my business or give it to another landscaper.
sounds like you just need to advertise, advertise, advertise, if you really aren't making enough money and bills are piling up, then maybe dropping the snow plowing is what you need to do. But I got 10 new accounts in the past 30 days for plowing, maybe even 15 i haven't actually added them all to the list yet. and Its anything but beer money. Even last year my first year advertising I had 22 snow plowing accounts and was averaging 130-140hr and I would plow for about 10hrs with a small storm up to 6" I average about 3 driveways per hour and they pay well. well enough to not care about the 8 or 9mpg i'm getting in my f350 diesel with my new tires that i paid 1350 for that will be worn out by next december. the first few years can be tight. I have all kinds of low ballers in my area, new ones popping up every day. lots of illegal mexican workers trying to steal my work, but the truth is alot of people around here will only hire other white people, and they pay extra for some one who speaks english. Especially a hard working younger person like me. and with a setup like mine, they know i'm serious.

fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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