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Originally Posted by dboyd351 View Post
The 4 mix isn't exactly a traditional 4 stroke like the honda trimmer he is referring to and the BR600 is a blower, not a trimmer. I'll stand by what I said - virtually nobody uses a traditional 4 stroke trimmer like the Honda he is referring to.

This is his point: "Four strokes run at a lower rpm hence lower temps and the oiling system in a four stroke allows for much better lubrication."

4 mixes are more like a 2 stroke in that regard than a 4 stroke. 4 mixes use oil in the gas, not a pressure fed, sump based separate oiling system like he was referring to in the Honda.
I think you may be a bit confused or perhaps ignorant on the subject at hand here.

What would you say makes a piece of equipment a 4 stroke, that the oil-gas is mixed or that the piston has four cycles to its combustion process?

Cause from the sound of it, I think you believe the prior.

I can think of two chief reason some folks still use 2 stroke stuff. One is that they don't need to change oil and since the operators/workers in a LCO don't pay for the equipment their using they don't adhere to strict maint regimens. Two, four strokes seem to be a bit more expensive to purchase.
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