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Others have said it well. Focus on one thing figure out how to do it faster and faster each day. It sounds attractive, being able to do tons of things but diversifying right away is a huge time sink into non-billable hours. Time is money. Time is the greatest resource of all.
If you insist on trying a bunch of jobs at least figure out which one you make the most in and then drop the others.

When you say averaged out, do you mean averaged over 12 months?
If so, $32,400 net / yr sounds respectable starting out. Can you go part time?
My first 5 years in lawn care, I was full time at a company and basically droped a day each year till I quit in 5 years. Worked great for me.

Being a super multi tasker could be beneficial if you have a small amount of dedicated rich customers who you know will go to you for everything. This takes a lot of luck and knowing the right people though and leaves you vulernable to people moving away, droping you, (eggs in one basket thing)
Doing one small thing for tons of people is great insurance.
Just be prepared to hear a lot of people say, wow you are in and out of here fast. Another quote from LS years ago comes to mind
"I didn't spend 40K in optimized equipment to stroll around your property and sip lemonade all day"

Customer service is important but if you are shooting the breeze with people for more than 5 min a day you are doing something wrong.
Billable hours, billable hours, billable hours.......
"Make hay while the sun shines."
Sun up in T-8 hours, I need to sleep.
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