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You really have to build a thick skin in this business about doing bids and expecting folks to call you back. they won't. And they won't answer the phone either. This started about 4-6 years ago, and has become the norm among people. this avoidance of telling people no or not telling people they can't afford it. middle class and wealthy people think now it is better to give contractors false hope when they leave the house, and in reality, they made up their mind not to do it the moment they saw the numbers. ( or the absent spouse will not approve of the bid).

This is the reason so few people answer the phone anymore. So many people are avoiding so many phone conversations that they do not want to have, that they voicemail screen every call, even if they just left you a message.

I did a bid for a smaller home today and was refreshed when she said, "whoa!, that is way out of my budget! I am gonna pass!" I never get that from folks that can actually afford this service. they are too embarassed to tell you no or that they can't or won't pay that.

got 5 no's today ( well one no and 4 promises) , so almost caught up on my close ratio. should start selling again tomorrow.
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