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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Here in Florida Non Compete contracts are not all that enforceable and very expensive to pursue. The little guy can't afford to go after a former employee who steals accounts. But the Big Box guys will go to the ends of the earth to make an example of them.

Non Competes don't really hold up anywhere from what I can tell. My lawyer says that you can't force someone to not go and try to better their economic situation, and they end up rarely holding up in court.

The only time those clauses come into play is if it's a gross negligence type situation and massive amounts of money is at stake.

DA is right on his assessment. Start of small and slow and build up your client base. Don't low-ball just to get accounts and price accordingly. Once you get a reputation for being high quality, it will take off.

Higher quality, higher price servicing is a slower growth business model, especially when you add in building customer relationships. But the difference is that it's a more sustainable business model rather than a high volume, one and done, who cares about the customer type of service.

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