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The True is Blue Grass is super easy compared to St A.

Originally Posted by Lawnguy8478 View Post
"I am going to make a few people mad when I say IMHO Any Idiot can take care of Blue Grass. But St Augustine is a totally different story."

That may be the most ignorant statement I have ever read on here!

Have you ever worked on both?

My choice of words might not of been the best. But look at the date I joined Lawnsite. I am not the new guy on the block. Yes I have worked both and I stand by my statement. Have you ever worked on St Augustine??

Look at my first post to this thread where I give going price of Treating St Augustine. Compare prices of a Treatment on Blue Grass compared to the cost of Treatment on St Augustine. Fact is St Augustine is 3 to 4 times more costly than Blue Grass. Why is that????? Because Blue Grass is 3 to 4 times easier than St Augustine. Sorry I am only stating fact and mean no harm to anyone.


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