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Warranty is against defects! If they sold you a trimmer with a defected part. Buy from who ever you want. I guess you guy don't get how it works. It means nothing they don't cover anything. They cry about bad gas and you pay to fix it anyway unless you buy a ton from that dealer he won't go to bat for you.

About dealers yes markup is what it is. If they don't buy enough they don't get a great deal. Just like we can't get fleet prices buying one unit! The financing eats into the mark up. The world works that way. I am sorry but the real money they make is selling you a carb kit them installing it. Or the 5 buck primer bulb then add shop rate to it. I don't give a rats ass if the depot is cutting into their buisness. You need to work for buisness. They need to sell you on buying better ecquiptment. Stuff the box stores don't sell. I would not work with a 230 and know it will cost me time witch is money. If you want a trimmer pick a brand and get at least the second best commercial one they sell. Don't ever buy the entry level comercial trimmer they sell. They are under powered for alot of things you will encounter. The better trimmer is always the way to go because trimming is the most time consuming thing we do.
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