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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
are you baiting me Rod? lol.
lets just say this: we push 6 aps and have success with it. For me, it ultimately comes down to creating a stable working environment for my employees. Who would jump on a job where you tell them there isnt much work Jun, Jul, Aug, Dec, Jan, Feb? Ive created an environment where we are able to keep my guys on year round with a min of 40 hrs per week and OT when they want it. And, as a secondary item, we have relatively stable cash flow year round.
You just pretty much answered my question.

So you only need to apply 6 apps to keep your guys busy and make more money?

You didn't state one agronomic fact of why to apply 6 apps.

I have 5 full time guys. They work year round. We offer 4 apps but we also offer many other services such as seeding and aeration etc. I also have another business where they can help when they are slow. You just have to be creative.

Why should the customer pay for 6 apps when they only need 4 JUST to keep you guys busy?

Maybe you just need to pick up more customers!

How can you apply fert on a lawn in July and August when it looks like a desert and sleep at night?

My point is...agronomically in our area no more then 4 apps are needed unless insect or grub control needs to be applied.

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