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Honda GXV530 EXA2 very weak spark on both coils

I have a GXV530-EXA2 on a craftsman dlt3000 riding mower. I'm having the super weak spark issue on both coils. I've unhooked the stop diode connectors on each coil, but that changed nothing. I can get a very small needle tip sized blue spark if the screwdriver is darn near grounding on the block. Its not enough to spark the plugs though. I think I may have a bad coil, causing the other one to ground. Odd to have 2 coils go bad at same time.
I read mowerconsultants comment about bad circuitry in one coil causing a ground out in the 2nd coil. I haven't been able to find the process to check the coil resistance or coil/flywheel gap, or how to test the rectifier block and charge coils under flywheel. Can somebody provide the coil resistance check process and the ranges required or direct me to the info? I've looked allover the internet and came up empty. I don't want to just part change, however, I do need the tolerances to verify.

So far I've traced wiring & connections for the obvious shorts & cleaned connectors, reset the coil to flywheel gap to .016 (not positive thats the proper gap), wirebrushed the outter flywheel, removed flywheel & cleaned magnets & verified wiring not frayed & shorting for the charge coils.
**Something I did notice that seemed odd is that the sensor next to the oil drain (low oil sensor??) has no wire connected to it, nor is there any around that would reach it. So I'm assuming thats a feature that isn't functional on this engine?
Many Thanks in advance!
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