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Originally Posted by thomas.creation View Post
Yes lawns are routine. But like I've stated before I only plan on using the lawn business as supplemental to my landlord business. Being a landlord is ball of fun and its never predictable. I enjoy both and feel that they could compliment each other.

You've received solid advice from both Roger and willretire@40.

If your long term desire is to be a landlord, lawncare as a part time business would provide capital each year to purchase more properties. For a discussion forum geared toward real estate investments with solid advice and contributors, see

I would stick with your teaching job and save as much money from it and the lawn business to buy additional rental properties. Run your lawn business lean and mean. Only buy the equipment that is absolutely necessary, don't buy fancy new trucks, stay out of debt, tell everyone you know about your business (word of mouth, low cost advertising), do outstanding work, ask your loyal customers for referrals. Lawn maintenance is a simple business model and can through off some nice cash each year.

You mention the fear of the teaching job being cut. So what if it is cut? Then you will be forced to ramp up the lawn business (which you are considering anyways). There is no reason to play the what if game. Ride the gravy train as long as possible all the while building towards your ultimate goal.

From what you've said, your ultimate goal is to be a landlord full-time. Using a combination of the strategies mentioned above, you should have no problem reaching full-time status within a decade.

Good luck!
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