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Large Scale Blueprints

I usually use giant graph paper (25x30) for the original to scale sketches of projects, and up until now use that to show to clients if they even ask to see the actual plans. I know some people use standard size sheets and print it off the computer but for this project it stretches from front to back of house and has a lot of detail, so that won't work.

I really haven't put much thought doing something a little more "professional" like real blueprints before now because most of my designs I can fit on smaller paper or are fairly basic so it isn't needed. I have a new client who is definitely going to want to see designs and I want it to look as good as possible, with a lot of detail

Question is I have been reading up on how to get them copied, and I can't find any info on the internet if a local print shop would have this stuff, or where to go to get it done. I read you need a "Blueline machine" to copy the original, or a large format printer but that only does black/white.

I just can't figure out if a local shop would have this type of equipment, or I need to send it somewhere or what. Most of their websites are pretty basic and are lacking this detail.

So how do you all do this and where do you go?
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