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Raise your plowing prices until it makes the work more attractive to you. Plowing customers are a dime-a-dozen. With some strong pricing and a tight route, you can make good money on your own terms. For example, here are my plowing terms:

- No plowing until the storm ends.
- No guarantee that we will have you plowed out by any particular time of day.
- No shoveling
- No clearing mailboxes
- No free spring repairs on plow damage
- Charge for staking
- Whiners get cancelled

Being tough on terms means that many customer will not hire you, that is the trade off. It takes longer to build a route, more advertising is required. Keep it local, don't drive more than a few minutes, it isn't worth it, and service suffers. It took a few years, but I do pretty well money-wise, and I can do my route alone in 4 hours.

Another idea is to just hire a guy to plow for you. I hired a retired guy to plow last year. He was pumped to make $20/hr using my truck. There are lots of experienced people out there that want to work.

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