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Quickbooks or??

I'm now growing at a rate to where I can't do my billing and books in just a simple spreadsheet anymore. I'd also like a way to easily and quickly track expenses & Income overall, per job, per week, etc etc. I also need a better way to invoice my customers. I just got set up with Square to accept credit cards and I'd like a program that I can run on my laptop, but also access when I'm in the field working if a customer has a question about whatever.

Quickbooks is the only program I know of, and only because I've heard about it here. I have no idea what the capabilities of this program are. I'm on their website and see that you can choose to just use it online for around 12 bucks a month. that's only about 150 a year to do all my book keeping. I certainly think that's worth it depending on what the features are.

Can anybody give me a basic rundown on the pros and cons of Quickbooks are? Will it allow me to track expenses, income, create invoices, and run reports & help me analyze my business? Also, can Square link into Quickbooks somehow and automatically tell me who's paid and who hasn't, or are there other options to do this or must it be done manually?

Thanks in advance
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