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As long as you're not cutting long wet or juicy grass the mulch kit works great. If you've got mostly weekly accounts and generally don't cut wet grass anyway, it works pretty well for most of the year, as long as your machine is well powered. The 17HP on my Tracer wasn't really enough but the 23 Kawi on my 52 inch Lazer was enough. I think it handled mulching better than it handles the Ultravac actually. As far as fall goes, it mulches pretty darn well with the wavy mulchers, within limits...don't expect anything magical, lol. You can put Gators on but you'll get blowout. There's not much blowout with the wavy mulchers, a little though.

Here's a link to a thread I started a long time ago mulching leaves with my kit on. I took photos after 1 pass and 2 passes and then pushed the limits of what it could do. It was in response to someone who had started a thread "mulching, no way!" or something like that.
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