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Employee leasing?

Anybody have any experience with Employee leasing? It seams like a good option to cover payroll,workman's comp,unemployment and so on.

I am looking into using SouthEast Personnel Leasing out of Tampa. I am having a hard time with workman's comp. Because my guys will use a ladder sometimes to trim. We want a pay as you go workman's comp, payroll all in one company. I like the idea of being able to change the comps codes between landscaping and maintenance.

I guess I do not like the sound of ”Employee leasing”

By the way any newbies or uniformed reading landscaping is construction. Any service adding value to a property is construction. Owner's can be exempt but employee can not. Your company is construction or not in the states eyes. IF you only provide a maintenance service you can have up to 4 (I think) employees and not have worker's comp.
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