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Well last year I did an install and got screwed out of about $2500. Apparently the owner owes money to just about everyone who worked on the project including the GC who is owed about $100,000.00. The GC has been fighting to get his money but so far hasn't got it.

As it turns out a long time customer of my brothers has been renting this house for the past year or so after selling his other estate to a certain NY mayor. The condition of his rental was the owner was supposed to make certain changes and repairs which were never done so he has with held over $100,000 in an escrow account. After living in this house he learned about how many people the owner has screwed. So he has hired a good lawyer and is going to bat for all the subs in hopes that he can take the escrowed rent money and pay it out directly to the subs. It's nice to know there are rich people that still care about the little guy.

My bro is in the process of doing a major planting at his new house and I am slated to do the irrigation so I guess I will give him a good deal.
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