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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
This might be the answer. If I say I got another job they will think I will be leaving the normal landscaping maintenance at some point. I know Krazy cajun I hate working for the man they make you work harder for less and you get the blame from the people higher up. I have already seen 10 more wanna be landscapers after this Hurricane Sandy. I could always date a slam pig and have her help with my business but I am not like most guys. I will make sure that if I get the job I will put 90% of my income into my business. I am going to build a business savings that will last me a year or two if things go wrong. I will then put part of the money also into buying a second mower and truck. I will tell my customers that I will not be snow plowing this season for personal reason's I guess. Hopefully they will realize how much better I am versus the other guy.
It seems to me like your straddling a couple fences. What does your heart tell you to do. Make up your mind and put all your energy into that decision. If you want to mow grass only then find a way to make it happen. There are parts of every business that I don't like to do. Working a hand truck on a dock all night loading beer doesn't really appeal to me either. But I would do it if I needed to.
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