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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
They are a great value and great machine. I have had mine for over a year. To adjust your ability to keep a straighter line, look at the bolts which stop the levers from going forward and adjust accordingly, one is obviously set back further than the other.


Thanks Michael. I found the bolts on levers, they have no head on them but quite easy to turn with fingers. Would they be the ones you were referring to?

One was stopping the lever making them uneven, so I adjusted thinking this will fix it for sure. But it didnt fix, still the same scenario the left wheel is slower than the right. I had a go at adjusting the arm that joins the lever to the hydro, but I couldnt loosen the lock nut closest to the hyrdo. I was attempting to losen it anti-clockwise but just about rounded the nut head, tried the other way & no luck so gave up before doing too much damage.
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