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Originally Posted by NC Greenscaper View Post
I use outlook calendar to schedule my 4 crews. Each crew has a printed schedule each morning on a clipboard. If it rains some or all items will be moved to tomorrow. Beside each item the crew puts their start/stop time and at the top their start/stop odometer, plus any notes needed. Each crew maintains about 50 - 60 and some are full service and some are mowing only, lawn care or other.

The calendars come back and are entered into QB timesheets, which updates their hours for payrol and assists with the invoicing which is done at the end of the month.

We are about maxed outed with the number of customers we can put on the calendars now, so I will be looking for a scheduling program that will auto enter into QB.
What happens to the day after it rains schedule, is the work just compounded? do ALL the customers get serviced? do some get skipped? I pretty much have a full four days schedule, with one day for rain or makeup, but if it rains two days I'm screwed, that's what I'm concerned about next season.
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