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Originally Posted by thomas.creation View Post
Good to hear advice from a former shop teacher. How long did you teach for? Yes the shop equipment is def a plus. I have everything from cnc plasma tables to a/c equipment at my disposal. I live and teach in IL, pensions are on the cutting block as are heal benefits. We actually lost the right to choose our health care plan in this contract because the school is considering dropping us into the new fed health care program. I'm tenure at the end of this year (4). I've heard a lot of people say that at 10 years we can get some level of pension. I'll have to look into this as this is a very good point.

I have 10 houses that I do full service on. I'm nowhere near 50k. I could be if I was on my own.

I really do appreciate the advice guys. I get the dear in the headlight look from most people when I discuss this crazy idea.
I taught for 13 years. I would go back tomorrow and keep mowing on the side.
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