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Originally Posted by SuperGreen1 View Post
I worked for them over the summer. Terrible pay, but with the local drought drying up my regular business, it was necessary. They only pay mileage if you work outside a 30-mile circle drawn around your home. They don't pay extra for the time and effort of taking and uploading all the required pics. Otherwise, it's pretty much as described by others above. Regarding the gas, I told them I would no longer be able to afford to work out of town since I was paying all fuel expenses. They then offered to pay me a flat fee to go to certain areas and raised the pay on all my properties. WTF? Why didn't they just pay better in the first place instead of making me put the squeeze on them?
This is how the foreclosure business works. Screw the contractor. HUD pay schedule as follows.
0-5,000 Sq Ft, $60
5,000 - 10,000 Sq Ft, $80
10,000 - 15,000 sq ft $100
Over 15,000 Sq Ft bid.

So now you know how bad your getting screwed because of all the middle men between you and HUD.........
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