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I don't ..

I don't want to knock the guy but he is also pushing his product on professionals with a lot of us not really ' liking change '. I understand he wants to sell his product but I have a feeling he's not going to get sells here and the whole ' bump ' tactic is lame..

I read his FAQ which answered a few of my ? but still..

Installing at the proper grade with annual inspection would be better

Eventually the UV protection will be out and that cute green thing will oxidize and turn into a ugly puke green thing. Just like all plastics in the sun

Eventually- unless someone is anal enough dirt will fill into it just like how dirt finds to fill it's way into all cracks outside.. this will make the shine of the unit go away making it much less appealing. Additionally grass clippings will eventually fill it up too. I'm that anal guy who would have to go clean these things- another stress I would have to deal with .

I also see grass around the sides of it growing long over the top of the cone that the mower won't grab... To me this would be ugly.. Which then means you must weed wack/ edge every one .. Then in turn it beats up the buddy unit from

I'm sure it works fine for a few years then fizzles out
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