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Excellent information. I think I'm just at a growing pain and need to re invent myself,goals,image and area of services. I was at a point where I was doing landscape projects and maintenance at the same time. Even though the landscape jobs paid good my heart just wasn't in it. Also I wasn't really setup for the different types of work. For instance there would be days where we would unload all the equip to go pick up plants and then when we finished that job we would have to run back and get the mowers to try and cut grass before the day was over. There was times when the landscape job took longer than expected and that would push back the maint schedule. It was a disaster. I'm setup for maint. I have all the equip, truck, software, pricing ect. So I think this winter ill change the logos, website, business cards ect to say only maint services. a very wealthy business man once told me to pick something and be the best at it. What happen was when I was younger and just starting out I would take on any job it came my way and I never changed my business idea and now it has caused problems. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing just maintenance. If I focus on building up the maint side of it and getting it to run smoothly I can always add a truck later on to pick up installs again. Do you see any problem with this?
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