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My product does require some maintenance, just less of it than any other like product of its kind found on the market. Here in FL, we use swing joints, etc... but the sprinkler heads are still prone to accidental damage caused from the mower tires.

"I don't want to knock the guy but he is also pushing his product on professionals with a lot of us not really ' liking change '."

I'm not here to push it on you professionals, many homeowners visit this forum by accident through doing searches on Google, etc... That is who I'm targeting here on this forum. You couldn't be more correct saying most professionals not really "liking change."

As a lawn care professional myself I have spent many years dodging yard art, solar lights, plants, etc... that the homeowner would put in their lawn to their liking without my knowledge. Most of the time I would see them before mowing them over. That is because I could see them.
The sprinkler heads I had damaged or been accused of damaging in the past, I couldn't see. Since I have been putting my product on those sprinkler heads in troubled locations due to ground conditions, etc... I have been able to avoid them with my mower tires or mower deck in some situations.

I have come across many that love my product and also many that feel the same as many of you that hate the idea. Either way one feels is OK with me, it's here for those that want it or want to try it. Many of those that have tried it had reordered. That tells me they really like what they see after trying it.

I'm not trying to start a confrontation, I'm simply stating the facts. This is a very inexpensive product considering what we pay for many of the rotary heads on the market today. For less than $3.00 a sprinkler head, one can keep them visible with little maintenance and hopefully avoid running them over with the mower tires because they can see them if they are looking for them. Without my product, that isn't possible.

I bump my thread because I'm a paying sponsor and I need to make the most out of my advertising dollars. I'm not trying to aggravate the members here. Many other things I would rather be doing but for now this is one of the many avenues I'm using to get my name out there. Please respect and understand that even if you don't approve of what I have here. Thank You! Leo
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