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#13 and 14 today. smaller jobs, but happy to have them and helps me fill up my tree. 2k add on today made the sales day nice. started talking about that with the client after last year, put up the regular job and caught the homeowner home while I was out inspecting it and closed the deal.

Don't know if I have ever shared this, but my lovely wife draws a large tree that fils a large piece of posterboard every year, and I start at the stump, and then divide the tree into 3 or 4 sections. then I write the names of all my new and add-on sales in and I get to move up the tree as I cross a sales threshold. really feels good for the ego to write on the tree all new sales activity. It further tells me at a glance who was sold in order so I know who the next new job should be on the install schedule. I put the star on top of the tree as a $$ bonus for me if I write names in the star.

I suppose I should keep the other years sales tree up so I can compare years at a glance as well, but I find it does more harm than good. I get real depressed when I see names on the last few years tree that no longer do business with us. We lose about 10-20 customers a year now, And even thought that is close percentage wise compared to all the other years we have been in business, it still bugs me to think about clients that have moved on and no longer do business with us. So I leave the old ones in the closet except for the end of the year. Then I get it out and compare what date we moved from one zone to the next, Average new customer sales that year verses this year, and so forth.

I stayed up til 1:30 last night really going over what we have to do and what crew is doing what which day. Looks like I am booking new sales on the tuesday after Thanksgiving today, assuming good weather and all employees show up. So I Got up at 6 and did my morning routine, felt so tires because I stayed up lat ethe night before, got to the shop at 7;45 or so and had a quick meeting with the guys. did a 9:30 sales appointment, sold it, and then woke up to that rumble vibrate thing on the interstate doing 75. luckily I was fine, but went home and ate and slept for an hour before my next 3 appointments. going to bed soon. I need to watch my sleep for the next 3 1/2 weeks.

I am going to call Dec. 10 the cutoff for sales, so 25 selling days left. I have sold my first job from a sign today, sold 3 from a postcard mailer and a few from website and yelow pages.
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