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Simply put, you want to charge whatever the market will bear. Charge too little, and you are doing yourself, and others in the same business in your area a disservice. What you have to charge is based on two things: what your expenses run and your desired profit margin. What you can charge is largely based on the market in your area. I wouldn't hesitate to call up a few guys, explain the situation, tell them you don't wish to step on any toes, and ask if they can give you a general floor price for services in your area. Some won't give you the time of day, some will lie, but there may well be some that can steer you in the right direction.

If you are going to operate strictly solo, no employees wages to worry about, your actual operating costs are probably going to run somewhere between $15 and $30 per hour. Those are ballpark figures, but I'm guessing they will include a majority of solo operators. There will be those who say there costs will be much less, but over the long haul, I think those estimates are reasonably accurate. You not only have to figure fuel and maintenance on your equipment, but also on your vehicle as well. Throw in depreciation, insurance, taxes, etc, and it is easier to approach that $30 figure than one might think. Best of luck.
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