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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
In my 4 years being on the forum I think you are the first to push your product. Good luck I'm just expressing my opinion

I guess it's regional. I've never seen any of the products on the video you had. The only protector I've ever seen is larger PVC or ABS around the head.
Thanks, It's a regional thing here in FL mostly for the simple fact that my competitors products don't hold up to well in colder climates. Mine does! :-)

Here in FL, this kind of product is found in every box store and just about every hardware store. The box stores usually carry 2-3 different like products. They sell them by the thousands each year here. I know for a fact that a Lowe's not far from me had sold over 20,000 concrete donuts in their location in a single year. I out sold all of my competitors products combined 10x over each day I pitched my product in different locations in FL. Not being a stock item, my product had to leave the store when I did each day I was their. I was running through my inventory quick but not making any $$$ selling in one Lowe's location at a time and not being able to leave my product when I moved to a different location to show they would sell there too. Traveling and lodging, I was only breaking even.

This is much bigger than most of you realize. I know for a fact my product will sell big as it gets known over time. My best day in Lowe's, I sold $650.00 worth in one day. That is why I'm pushing my own product, the big box store will make it a stock item one day or I'll get the word out myself no matter how long it takes me through my own website. My patent is fresh so I have some time to do so.

This isn't a gimmick or joke. My sales and reorders prove that despite what some here may think of it. The Lowe's manager that got me in the back door didn't think it was a joke and my sales in Lowe's were mind blowing. He's still trying to get my product through corporate. I have had 3 different district managers try to get it through corporate also with no success. Lowe's is so big, I think they just don't want to deal with a little guy like me. So this little guy isn't waiting on them to act. If they give me a call one day fine, if not, I'll still make it. Can you tell I'm determined just a little. lol If this doesn't open your eyes, nothing will. I cropped this photo, so no one was in it but I. Don't need no law suits. lol Come visit me and I'll show you photos with a crowd around my little set up in Lowe's.
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