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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
While our BR600 has been good and trouble free the last 3 years I have to admit I absolutely LOVE our little TR2350S trimmer and our new 8500 blower. The 8500 is far more powerful than the BR600 and no worries about adjusting or dropping or burning a valve. We have found our new handheld equipment of choice. Always ran echo and they served us well. Never did like any stihl handhelds other than the BR600. The stihl trimmers were always much heavier than the echo trimmers.
well like I said, personally I've never been impressed with he other brands available in my area. to this day that still stands true.

as for worrying about anything with my stihl equipment, I never have to this day. I just start them and use them. never had a single problem with any trimmer or blower from stihl. not past your normal wear and tear from years of use.

minus an electrical problem with the on/off switch my br400 (it's at least 7 years old) still starts on the first pull.
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