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Originally Posted by bjgolfer View Post
I'm new to the forum I'm going to retired in the spring and want to start a lawn service
Business including mowing, trimming, clean up, Rotor tilling. I have a commercial z master zero turn, a JD mower with bagging system, Honda rotor tiller, trailers ECT.
I'm from Wisconsin, Oshkosh 68000 (pop.) I have no idea how to charge for my services.
Any Ideas?
You should have been doing this a few years ago. It sounds like you're jumping in head first. It took me 4+ years to get everything in order. Obviously you don't know how to do the job and asking someone how isn't really going to do you any good. You need to sit back and read and research all the aspects of the business then write out a business plan with all the areas covered and do the math. If you do all this, you wouldn't have to ask this question.
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