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"large circles around the property"

Sprinkler Buddy has a 7" diameter and much of that is taken up by the sprinkler head when installed. It's hardly noticeable unless one went hunting for them. From a very short distance away, one would never know they were in the lawn.

Kinda like a golf ball hiding in the short rough, you often wouldn't know it was there unless you hit it and saw it go in that general area. Once you get a yard or two from it that's when you know exactly where it's at. Sprinkler Buddy isn't a big red flag shouting here I am, one has to be looking for them to avoid them and the sprinkler head it's indicating.

As a professional, I only put them on the troubled sprinkler heads in my own lawn accounts. Most, I agree don't need them on all sprinkler heads. We all know which ones do though as we bust them periodically over time with the mower tires.

With that said, many still choose to put them on most of their sprinkler heads themselves because they want to know where they all are, it gives them peace of mind.
I think it boils down to this for each individual that decides to use them or not.
What's uglier, the repair bill or the little hardly visible shallow depression around the sprinkler head indicating them to avoid the ugly repair bill. That's also just my opinion.
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