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Applying for home occupation advice

So the township caught wind that im running a business in a residential area, since i park my equipment at home. They want me to apply for a "home occupation". the main hurtle to get over is not having anything other than a sign showing on the outside of the house indicating a business is ran. In my case I dont even need a sign. Just need to park my trailer outside the home. oh, and pay them 400 bucks to apply to see the board about it....

Im not shutting the business down and putting my family on the street no matter what they say. but i would prefer to do it with their "permission" to avoid the hassle. but to what extent will they go in order to shut me down? 1500 in fines and 15 years in prison?

so much for land of the free.

any advice?

*and no bashing please. this is a serious thread and im not in the mood for it.
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