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School bid. What do you think?

I'm getting ready to place a bid on an upcoming mowing contract for the local school system, which has 3 schools and its central office. It's my first commercial bid to make so any thoughts would be nice. If I get this deal, I'll jump in and start getting my equipment for the job creep my way into the business.

Calculated mowing area of the school schools is approximately 46 acres. The high school campus is approximately 30 mowing acres, while the the middle school, elementary school, and board office is 16 acres.

I think they prefer bi-weekly mowings so I'm going with that. The contract would run from March 1 to November 30, so what...9 months?

I've calculated approximately 20 mowings for each school, give or take a little on weather. There will also be 3 bush trimmings conducted, one in the beginning, middle, one to close out the season, and also 2 mulchings.

This is reasonably close to some of the other contracts they awarded in the past, so my bid for the job is $13,000.

$9200 for mowing, and the trimming and mulching at $3800.


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