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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
So in other words you guarantee sprinklers will never get broken by equipment if someone uses your product? Do you offer this in writing?
Do you really want to go there?
Of-course I can't guarantee that homeowners or those maintaining their lawn will pay attention and avoid the sprinkler heads even when they can be seen but it's nice to know they can if they are paying attention.

Why don't the pros give an 8-10 year guarantee on those sprinkler heads they install. That's the average life span of a sprinkler head properly installed in an ideal location. Parts and labor should be no problem in their guarantee if they are so confident they wont have any issues for years to come.

In the real world, non of us can control others actions. Nor can the pros control the conditions in a lawn over an extended period of time unless they are maintaining them themselves which most often isn't the case. That's why the pros don't give that 8-10 year warranty either.

"So in other words you guarantee sprinklers will never get broken by equipment if your the one that installs them?

If your willing to give folks that guarantee in writing, I'll give you a free ad on my website on every page. You'll have folks flying you out to their location with a guarantee like that on installs. You'll have to cover the travel expenses when repairs are needed though. Let me know when your ad is ready.
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