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That's great! That's what I'm going to do over the winter. I'm going to get a map and plot every customer on there and see who fits the route and who doesn't. I'm going to time every property and compare that to what we are charging. If your far away, we will have to raise prices or get rid of them. It's hard to turn down work but there is no point in servicing a property if it isn't profitable. After that's what we do this for. To make money. I'm going to restructure everything like you said from scheduling, policies, ect. I think then I will have a clear view of what's making money and what isn't. I'm going to only pickup jobs that fits our agenda to make money. Also setup a service area that will will service and advertise only that area. Where I live there is tons of big neighborhoods with lots of houses. Build a tight route and charge accordingly.
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