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I think it's a hassle with trucks trailers. You lose time hooking and unhooking trailers everyday. I think these trucks look more professional. As far as maintenance goes I do all my own so I don't know if it would be cheaper or not for someone who takes it to a dealership. I know parts are more money due to the fact that its a heavy duty commercial truck. They are very reliable. You don't wear out tires and brakes like you do on a trailer. Everything is locked up at all times. This is a dedicated landscape truck so you can't really use it other than for work. I have other vehicles to drive so that doesn't bother me. Insurance is not expensive at all. About the same as a full sized pickup. I've been on both sides of the fence and ill never own a trailer again. The sides fold down to load pallets. You can use them for everything including spray trucks, delivery trucks, maintenance,installs whatever. It's basically a trailer mounted to a commercial cab over truck. They are easy to work on since the whole cab flips forward to expose the engine
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