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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
You've referred to shutting down a couple of times now, but you haven't mentioned getting a place to store the trailer. Without knowing your business financial health, is it a matter of economics or perceived principal of the matter?
As much as i would like to be able to say this was about the principal. unfortunately it is not. sure the law is unconstitutional, but very few of them are.

I have looked into both owning a building and storage. Frankly i would like to have a nearby place to store my trailer during the summer to free up the parking around my house. Problem is that is another bill. Hopefully we will have a decent winter and i will have a little revenue to advertise and gain a few more customers this next season and a 50 a month bill will be a non issue.

And now that im thinking about the monetary aspect.... Its going to cost me about the same to rent storage as it would applying for a meeting with the township...... this is kind of a non issue.

ya. seriously 400 bucks to the township jsut to have the opportunity to speak with them. messed up huh...
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