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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
i used the foam in a can once this summer on a wheelbarow tire in a pinch. too lazy to run 30 mins one way to the store and 30 mins back. so i tried the foam. made a hell of a mess and i had a tough time getting it in there evenly. i got mad, cussed a lot and went inside to drink beer. sure nuff, the next day, it had cured somewhat decently and worked OK. there were still some empty spots in the tire and i sure noticed it. but overall, id try it again if i had to. not on anything larger than a cart tire tho. don't think itd hold any real weight.
Hey, you would be suprised... I actually filled the tube with no holes with the foam. The darn things kept going down, even new ones.. No mess here just took the valve stem out and when the tube filled up held my thumb over it and quickly inserted the valve stem.. Just did it yesterday and this morning they are hard like bricks almost.. So far they're working, but yes like you said would never try it on a mower tire..
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